Swellpro Megaphone for Splashdrone 4 (MP1)

Drone Store Australia Splashdrone 4 Megaphone MP1Drone Store Australia Splashdrone 4 Megaphone MP1

Swellpro Megaphone for Splashdrone 4 (MP1)


SwellPro VisionGlass is the world’s first portable AR headset for FPV while you are flying SplashDrone 4. It features a 200’’ screen which lets you see instantly what SplashDrone 4 sees in full HD without blocking the view of your surroundings

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MP1 Megaphone for Splashdrone 4


The MP1 is a megaphone for SplashDrone 4 that can deliver clear audio messages to a large crowd or someone out of doors over a distance of up to 5 km. The new aerial-audio-amplification system is built to skyrocket the work efficiency in industries like public safety management and emergency situation management.

  • 5 km Operation Range

Integrated with the MultiSync technology of SplashDrone 4, the MP1 megaphone can get your message from your phone to where the drone is up to 5 km away. With fast flight speed, SplashDrone 4 can fly to any place 1 km away in just 1 minute.

  • 300 m Sound Range

MP1 can play sound at up to 120 decibels, ensuring the message can be heard by people up to 300 m away from the drone.

  • All Weather Broadcasting

Both SplashDrone 4 and MP1 can resist heavy rain and storm so that your missions won’t be affected by bad weathers.

  • Broadcasting Mission Planning

SplashDrone 4 can automatically fly to one waypoint or through several ones you’ve set on the APP’s map and play pre-recorded messages at the same time, saving lots of man’s input.

  • Live or Recorded Message

MP1 allows for live voice or playing pre-recorded messages that can be repeated from the APP.

  • High Fidelity

In contrast to plastic, the full aluminium cone of MP1 can boost sound volume with a higher accuracy of sound reproduction. This allows the audience to pick up more details with less noise.

  • Multiple Payload Integration

SplashDrone 4 can carry a gimbal camera or a release mechanism in conjunction with the MP1 megaphone to enable more capabilities on one device.

  • Real-time Monitoring

The camera on the SplashDrone 4 can stream high resolution video back to your phone from up to 5 km away, ensuring that the pilot can correctly position the relevant audience for immediate and effective speaking.


Industry Solutions

  • Search & Rescue

Get a whole picture of the disaster scene and lead rescue team to the locations of victims in a timely fashion.

  • Crowd Control

Fly to disaster scene in no time and give amplified instructions to people for crowd evacuation.

  • Traffic Control

Get on-ground situational awareness in case of emergency like road accidents and provide guidance to pedestrians and vehicles to reduce traffic jam.



MP1 Megaphone

  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Audio Power: 5 W
  • Max Volume: 120 dB
  • Audible Range: 300 m
  • Operation Range: 5 km
  • Operation time: 135 minutes
  • Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
  • Weight: 570 g
  • Size: 3.93’’ (length), 3.81’’ (diameter)
  • Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
  • Compatibility: SplashDrone 4


SplashDrone 4

  • Waterproof Rating: IP67 (aircraft)/IP66 remote controller
  • Max Take-off Altitude: 120m (GPS) / ATTI – no limitation
  • Max Flight Speed: 22 m/s (ATTI)) / 10 m/s (GPS)
  • Max Flight Time: up to 20 mins
  • Max Flight Distance: 5 km
  • Max Payload Capacity: 2 kg
  • Battery: 6600 mAh
  • Operating Frequency: 5180 – 5875 MHz
  • Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C



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