SplashDrone 3+ Replacement 5.8g Video Transmitter (25mw)

SplashDrone 3+ Replacement 5.8g Video Transmitter (25mw)


Splashdrone  3 &  3+ replacement Video Link 25mW FPV transmitter micro design and lightweight.

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SplashDrone 3+ Replacement 5.8g Video Transmitter (25mw)

5.8ghz 600mw 40 channel Video Transmitter



5.8ghz 600mw 40 channel Video Transmitter for Splash Drone AUTO (works with Splash Drone 2, Splash Drone 3/3+ and Splash Drone Fisherman)

The Splash Drone Video Transmitter is a 5.8Ghz 600mw video transmitter that can send a video signal up to 2 kilometers away. Its aluminum body is designed as a heat sink to dissipate the heat created by the transmitter. It has 40 channels, can compatible with most video googles and monitors in the market. The 5pin socket cables works for power and data for convenience. The Splash Drone Video Link uses a cable antenna, which makes it easier to fit in the splash drone. 5V out supply power to external camera with no interference

– Perfect signal transmission from the super compact size.
– Transmitting from a choice of 40 channels, it is compatible with all 5.8Ghz receiver within a proportional frequency. (Including all Fat Sharks)
– High-quality antenna ensures Long-range uninterrupted stable transmission.
– The range over the ground is up to 2-3KM with low interference, the transmission distance can be significantly further from the ground to air.
– Built-in with 5Pin cable, Female connection “JST” for Power Supply, “DuPont” for Signal Input.
– Configuration: 7.4V~28V Power Supply, Video Out, 5V constant voltage output (Supplying power to webcam & also Charging the Camera).
– Channel Option: Slide switches 123456 to choose the designated frequency among the 32CH.
– Special cable antenna design, making it fit in Splash Drone perfectly.

Splash Drone 2
Splash Drone 3/3+
SwellPro Splash Drone Fisherman


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