SplashDrone 3 + & PL2 Bait Release + HD Camera with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING

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SplashDrone 3 + & PL2 Bait Release + HD Camera with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING


This Product is Discontinued.

Splashdrone 4 Now Available

SplashDrone 3 + & PL2 Bait Release + HD Camera


The Splashdrone 3+ Base platform Comes with the following

-1 x PL2 HD Camera & Bait Release  (Other Camera Options Available)

-1 x Splashdrone 3+ aircraft ,

-1 x set of quick detachable carbon fiber propeller ,
-1 x FPV radio controller,
-1 x set of landing gear,
-1 x Carry case,
-1 x 8000mAh LiHV Battery,
-1 x Balance charger
-1 x Aircraft User Manual



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SplashDrone 3+ User Manual V1.52_EN 2019

SplashDrone 3+ Smart Balance Charger User Manual V4.1

SplashDrone 3 Plus Battery Care

PL3 Payload Release Module User Manual

Waterproof 3Axis Gimbal 4K Camera Manual-EN

Autonomous Ground Station Module User Manual V1.0_EN

Warranty Registration Link

WARNING: Carefully read instructions to ensure proper configuration before use. Failure to use this product responsibly may result in loss, damage, or injury and may void your warranty.

Lipo Battery Safety A Must Read

SplashDrone 3 + Comes With ( PL2 HD Camera & Bait Release ) PL2 is a simple remote payload release with an integrated, fixed-angle HD FPV camera. Set the angle of the camera before the flight to suit your needs. This camera is only for live vision and cannot record video.

All-Weather, All-Purpose Waterproof Drone
The SplashDrone 3 + is the most advanced SplashDrone waterproof drone ever released.

It combines years of experience and customer feedback with an all-new flight computer, sensors and propulsion system to produce a reliable, stable and versatile waterproof drone with PL2 Bait release & HD camera onboard + Ground Station.

Swap the waterproof gimballed camera for optional modules including Search & Rescue, bait and payload release as well as thermal imaging.

Fly smoothly and then land your SplashDrone with confidence on the water, in rain and snow or just back to earth.
Strong Waterproof Airframe and Motors
The SplashDrone 3 + fuselage is made of durable 3mm reinforced ABS to ensure a perfect waterproof seal. All external parts are corrosion resistant and designed for use in salt and freshwater environments.

– Reinforced 3mm ABS Fuselage

– Floating design

– Corrosion-free materials throughout

– All-weather use tested to MIL-STD 810 (rain and snow)

– Power and maneuverability to fly in winds and rain up to Beaufort Force 4 (18mph/28 kmh).

New access hatch with pressure equalization allows altimeter accuracy without permitting the ingress of water.
The powerful new 620KV motors provide strong performance, speed, and lifting capacity. A special coating system ensures maximum resistance to saltwater corrosion and power delivery for take-off from water and in heavy rain.

Quick-Fit Propellers
Redesigned 1242 carbon-fiber propellers are light and stiff to efficiently transform the motors’ power into thrust. New quick-fit design enables fast and secure attachment of the propellers to the motors.
Waterproof 4K Gimbal Camera
Swellpro’s unparalleled fully waterproof 4K gimbal camera captures smooth videos and sharp photos both while flying as well as underwater.
High power brushless gimbal motors ensure shake-free footage always, even during high-speed water landings. A special hydrophobic coating ensures a clean, dry lens as soon as you take SplashDrone 3 back to the air or when flying in rain.

Splashdrone 3 + With PL2 HD Camera & Bait Release

PL2 HD Camera & Bait Release

All in One Remote Controller
Because greater power and versatility requires greater control, the SplashDrone 3 comes with a custom designed, fully integrated remote controller. Redesigned controls maximize ease-of-use and efficiency, while a fully integrated, high-quality 5″ FPV screen clearly displays live video and overlayed (OSD) flight data without the need for any additional equipment. With the one remote controller, flight, payload release and camera positioning controls are at your fingertips.
New S3 Flight Controller
A completely new Flight Control computer, coupled with new sensors and a more powerful propulsion system, mean you can fly safely and smoothly and then land your SplashDrone 3 with confidence on water, in rain and snow or just back to earth.
The SplashDrone’s new flight software constantly check for errors and offers redundancy to improve flight safety and stability. The dual-mode GPS locks onto up to 24 satellites from the GPS and GLONASS systems for improved accuracy and speed of positioning.

AdvancePayload Release Options

PL2 HD Camera & Bait Release  (Other Camera Options)

More than a camera drone, the SplashDrone 3 + with basic bait release and HD camera offers a versatile payload capacity of 1kg and multiple waterproof payload release solutions for different purposes. Use payload release to drop rescue supplies safely or position your fishing bait right where you want it. All payload options are waterproof (IP67) and utilise the SplashDrone’s quick-fit mount so they can be fitted and removed in seconds.d internal shielding of components and sensors allow for greater sensitivity and accuracy than ever. Even if you are beginner, flying the SplashDrone 3 + should be a stress-free experience.


Q: What are the differences between the SplashDrone 3 and the SplashDrone 3+?

The SplashDrone 3+ is the latest addition to the SwellPro family of waterproof drones. Here is a list of just some of the improvements and enhancements that are included:

  • Extended flight times
  • New LiHV battery with 3 levels of battery warning
  • New Smooth+ remote controls
  • Power-Flip function when floating
  • Enhanced waterproofing throughout
  • Circuit board moisture protection coating
  • Lost Drone Location Beacon option
  • Tuned flight control feel
  • New and improved 3-axis gimbal 4K camera
  • New heat management system
  • Easier hatch fastenings
  • New carry case for drone & accessories
  • Striking new colour scheme

Q: Are there different versions of the SplashDrone 3+?

A: The previous SplashDrone 3 was sold in two versions. Now buy the SplashDrone 3+ as a base platform and add the modules you want to be able to film, fish, rescue, etc. Every module easily and quickly attaches to the drone as required.

Q: What is the maximum flight speed of the SplashDrone 3+?

A: 72km/h (45mph) in ATTI mode, 58km/h (36mph) in GPS mode

Q: How much load can the SplashDrone 3+ carry?

A: SplashDrone 3+ has a maximum take-off weight of 3.2kg. This generally means that the drone can carry a maximum payload of 1kg.

Q: What is the maximum resolution of the 4KGC-3 camera?

A: The SplashDrone 3+ GC3 3-axis gimbal camera has a maximum video resolution is 4K 30FPS video (3840×2160). The photo resolution is 16MP.

Q: Which video capture mode does most people would use?

A: 2.5K@60fps (default setting)


Q: Is the camera different on 4KGC-3 camera than the previous camera?
A: Yes, the GC3 camera is all new, sharper detail, better colour balance, improved metering and higher resolution. This is an all-new camera.


Q: Can I use the SplashDrone 3+ to see objects underwater?

A: Yes, when the SplashDrone 3+ lands on the surface of the water, the camera is positioned underwater to capture the underwater scenery.

Q: Is the SplashDrone 3+ able to return to a boat that has moved from the take-off location?

A: In Return-Home mode, the SplashDrone 3+ returns to the take-of GPS location. However, with the Ground Station, the SplashDrone 3+ can be instructed via the mobile APP to return to the current location.

Q: Can the SplashDrone 3+ be used underwater?

A: The SplashDrone 3+ floats safely on water, but is not designed to submerge further. It is designed to fly in wet weather and take-off and land on water. Think of it as a flying boat, not a submarine.

Q: What is the flight time for SplashDrone 3+?

A: The average maximum flight time with the LiHV battery is over 22 minutes. Flight time can be affected by the characteristics of the flight, payload and wind conditions.

Q: What is the maximum wind speed that the SplashDrone 3+ can fly in?

A: The SplashDrone 3+ is able to fly and hover in wind speeds of up to 27 km/h (17 mph) or Beaufort force 4 with wind gusts up to 43km/h (27mph) or Beaufort force 6.

Q: Does the SplashDrone 3+ have an optical positioning system?

A: As optical positioning systems do not work over water, the SplashDrone 3+ uses multiple other sensors to provide hovering and flight positioning.

Q: Is the remote controller waterproof?

A: Although the SplashDrone 3+ and its payload modules are all waterproof, the remote controller is not currently waterproof. We are working on a waterproof version for a future release.

Q: How does the Location Beacon work?

A: With the SplashDrone 3+ and the optional GroundStation, if you inadvertently lose or crash your drone out of sight, even with very low batteries, the Location Beacon will instantly provide the drone’s location, pinpointed on your mobile device with voltage and altitude data to assist recovery. This feature uses a separate low-frequency (433/915Mhz) signal which propagates well through obstacles. Range ~1km.

Q: Will more payload modules be released for the SplashDrone 3+?

A: At SwellPro, we are dedicated to the evolution of the waterproof drone. Our R&D department is constantly testing and developing new ideas and products. We will continue to release new imaging and payload release modules for the SplashDrone platform and welcome your ideas for new designs.

Q: What is the effective range of the SplashDrone 3+?

A: In unobstructed conditions, the SplashDrone 3+ can reach an effective range of 2.5km and can be limited by software settings on the Flight Controller.


Q: What are the different flight modes available on the remote controller?

A: Four different flight modes are available:

1.GPS mode – the drone manages its hover stability using GPS and other sensors.

2.Smart Cruise mode – Yaw and pitch are combined onto the right-hand joystick for ease of use or photography.

3.Atti mode – speed and distance restrictions as well as GPS positioning are disabled, but Altitude stability is enabled.

4.Smooth+ – switch from joysticks to variable controls for a super smooth flight experience.

Q: Can the SplashDrone 3+ be used in salt water environments?

A: Yes. The SplashDrone 3+ is built for marine environments with corrosion resistant materials and seals. Like any ruggedized electronics, always rinse the drone thoroughly after use in harsh environments.

Q: Can the SplashDrone 3+ takeoff and land on water?

A: Yes. The power system and carbon-fibre propellers have more than enough power to lift-off from the water surface.

Q: Can the SplashDrone 3+ be used in rain or snow?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the SplashDrone 3+ come with a carry case?

A: Yes. The SplashDrone 3+ comes complete with a custom-made carry case that cushions and protects your investment and accessories.

Q: What is the charging time of the SplashDrone 3+ battery?

A: Approximately one and half hour.

Q: Can the 4K gimbal camera and payload release module be used on the SplashDrone 3+ at the same time?

A: No, they work separately. However the PL2 and PL3 release modules have cameras onboard for finding the best fishing areas.


Q: What is the difference between the PL2 and PL3 release modules?

A: The PL2 has a fixed HD camera whose angle can be manually adjusted prior to flight. The camera provides live video feed back to the Remote Controller. The PL3 has a 4K camera with tilt stabilization and control that can record video and photos to an inbuilt microSD card.

SplashDrone 3+


All-Purpose Waterproof Flying Platform


Aircraft SplashDrone 3 Plus Base Platform Specifications
Waterproof Level: Surface Buoyant (short periods up to 600mm deep)
Drone Weight: 1447g (without battery)
Axis Diameter: 450mm
Max Ascend Speed: 4m/s
Max Descend Speed: 3m/s
Max Flight Speed: 16m/s
Max Flight Altitude: 200m (GPS) / 1.3km (ATTI)
Max Flying Wind Speeds: a. Typical Maximum = 8m/s (11-16knots)(F4) b. Typical Gusts = 12m/s (22-27Knots) (F6) Peak
Hovering Precision: ±0.5meter
Max Flight Time (per charge): 20 ~ 25 minutes
Max Flight Range: 1.6km
Max Flight Weight: 3KG
Max Payload Capacity: 1KG
Positioning Satellite: Dual Satellites – GPS/GLONSS
Flight Controller: Swellpro S3
Motor: #3510/620KV
ESC: 40A
Propellers: #1242 carbon fiber quick-fit propellers
Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
Battery Types: 4S 14.8V 8000mAh lipo battery
4S 15.2V 8000mAh lipo battery
Battery Weights: 474g (8000mAh) / 561g (8000mAh)
Charging Time: 90 minutes


Remote Control
Weight: 660g
Frequency: 2405 ~ 2475HMZ
Range: 1.6km (unobstructed, free of interference)
Receiver Sensitivity(1%PER): -105dbm
Working Current: 160-300mAh
No. of Channels: 10
Battery: 2S 7.4V 1800mAh lipo battery
Video Transmission
Frequency: 5645 ~ 5965HMZ
No. of Channels: 40CH
Range: 1.3km
Power: 200~600mW
Screen Size: 5inch
Screen Resolution: 800X480Pixels
Screen Brightness: 500 cd/m2


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